3 Combo Drugs you SHOULDN’T be Covering (but are)

3 Combo Drugs you SHOULDN’T be covering (but 77% are): LMR Plus (lidocaine patch & menthol) — Price = $4,500/monthAlternative(s): Lidocaine 4%-5% Patch = $60 + Menthol Gel = $3 Varophen (Topical diclofenac & menthol cream) — Price = $4,850/monthAlternative(s): Topical diclofenac solution 1.5% = $65 + Menthol cream = $3 *Only 23% covering this […]

Pass-Through PBM Programs

Did you know? If you are a plan sponsor utilizing a pass-through PBM program, independent community pharmacies are (in aggregate) typically your lowest-cost option? How? A few market dynamics that have created this counter-intuitive situation: -One Voice: Chain pharmacies have thousands of locations, but negotiate PBM contracts as a group. Independent pharmacies use multiple contracting […]